County of Citrus

Action Item

PV-20-04 Guy Newman


Department:PDC- Planning and Development CommissionSponsors:
Category:Public Hearing


Conduct a public hearing on March 4, 2021 to review and consider PV-20-04 Guy Newman, to make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.


Meeting History

Mar 4, 2021 9:00 AM  PDC- Planning and Development Commission Regular Meeting
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a. PV-20-04 Guy Newman

REQUEST: This request is to vacate a portion of the platted drainage and utility easements between Lots 14 and 15, Block 1340, Unit 20 of Citrus Springs.

LOCATION: Section 1, Township 17 South, Range 18 East; more specifically, Lots 14 and 15, Block 1340, Citrus Springs Unit 20, as recorded in Plat Book 7, Pages 52 through 66, public records of Citrus County, Florida, which addresses are 11564 and 11560 N. Kenlake Cir., Citrus Springs, Florida.

STAFF CONTACT: Joe Hochadel, Principal Planner, Land Development Division

MOTION: The Planning and Development Commission finds application number PV-20-04 CONSISTENT with the Citrus County Comprehensive Plan and the Citrus County Land Development Code and that Board recommends APPROVAL of the application to the Board of County Commissioners based upon the evidence and testimony presented, and the staff report and conclusions regarding this petition.


1st Mr. Bramblett 2nd Ms. Worthington

VOTE: 7 - 0, Motion Carried