CITRUS COUNTY Tourist Development Council

Citrus County Courthouse

Room 100
110 N. Apopka Avenue
Inverness, FL  34450



A.              CALL TO ORDER

June 10, 2020 Citrus County Courthouse

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM

1.              Invocation

2.              Pledge of Allegiance

Attendee Name




Ronald E. Kitchen Jr.




Michael Mancke

Vice Chair



Cindi Guy




Jacquie Hepfer




Paresh Desai




Mike Engiles




Michael Shoemaker




Daryl Seaton




Gene McGee





County Staff Present: John Pricher, Rachel Ford, Randy Oliver, Cynthia Oswald

Public in Attendance: Bonnie Rybak, Ken Frink, Shaunda Burdeth, Laurie Pike


4.              Adoption of the Agenda

1.              TDC - Adoption of the June Agenda

Approval of the June agenda.


AYES:              Kitchen Jr., Mancke, Guy, Hepfer, Desai, Engiles, Shoemaker, McGee

ABSENT:              Seaton


1.              TDC - Approve May 13, 2020 Minutes

Review and approve transcribed minutes from the May 13, 2020 meeting.


AYES:              Kitchen Jr., Mancke, Guy, Hepfer, Desai, Engiles, Shoemaker, McGee

ABSENT:              Seaton

C.              OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

No Public Comment

D.              NEW BUSINESS

1.              TDC - FY 21 Budget Discussion

Discussion only.

Pricher discussed the budget with TDC, no magazine will be done this year due to costs and COVID-19. Money added to Lieb for road shows and added Tempest for contractual services for software/hosting. Dropped some trade shows that didn't work and saved $75,000. Budget last year at $1,108,000 this year at $1,060,000 and we will reserve marketing monty. Budget is $863,000 and is pretty much flat. March numbers are down 35% and won't have April numbers for a while.

2.              TDC - Scallop Season Snorkel Promotion

Discussion only with Board.

Pricher, Veronica Kampschroer and Engiles discussed trying to find a way to brand snorkels and provide to tour operators during scallop season. The cost approximately is $24,000 for 9000 snorkels. McGee proposed doing the magazine and advertise business for free instead of doing the free snorkels, group agreed. Kitchen noted the TDC has $600,000 in special projects fund to do the magazine. Ther is $37,350 in the budget and the same magazine will be reprinted for this year.

3.              TDC - Visit FL Flagler Awards

Informational only for the Board.

When we were putting together the RFP for Madden they submitted 4 entries for the Visit Florida Flagler Award. We will consistently see Madden' s ad's and campaigns as they are excellent. The awards will be presented at the Governor's Conference this year. Showed Videos.


1.              TDC - VCB Director's Report for May

Information only.

The STR report had more red numbers for April. May's numbers will be the first month of negative numbers. Gary Bartell did an interview for a Tampa TV station which aired last Thursday about scalloping in Crystal River. The Plantation Resort has a contest which consists of a two night stay and an air boat ride. Another video by Miles Saunders of the Seafood Seller Cafe. Showed interview and contest.

Facebook- we are flooding FB with nature images and opportunities to remind visitors of things to don in Crystal River.

Fishing Page- doing well numbers contine to increase

Advocates Page-broadcasting information and sharing things we want out there like the contest with the Plantation Resort.

Instagram-Kampschroer is doing a great job with fresh images, gained 500 followers last month

Twitter and FAM Tours- doing well with different obstacles

2.              TDC - May Financials

For Board review.

Pricher discussed financials earlier in meeting with budget review


City of Inverness, Jacquie Hepfer - Invernes is moving forward but cautious. The third weekend in June vendors return downtown to open.


City of Crystal River, Cindi Guy - The downtown ribbon cutting will take place July 4th. No parade this year, but there will be fireworks. Discover Crystal River did a great job with paddle boarders. We do have some issues with downtown that we have to streamline.


Other Discussion:

Pricher will bring to the next TDC meeting costs associated with doing the magazine for the Board to review before moving forward with the magazine.


Kitchen has a conflict with the next meeting on July 8th and asked if the meeting could be moved to July 15. Group agreed and the meeting wil be held at the BOCC Chambers as the LGB location is not available.

G.              OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Bonnie Rybak provided the TDC wit an update on the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge. Back in March we requested $25,000 and TDC Approved $1000,000. We would like to request antoher $1000,000 which would bring us up to $4000,000. Kitchen asked Ms. Rybak to work with John on getting on the agenda to do a formal presentation and make the request which the TDC can then vote on.

H.              ADJOURNMENT

Chairman Kitchen called for adjournment at 10:25. The next regular meeting was moved to Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 9:00am at the BOCC Chambers Room 100 at 110 N. Apopka Ave, Inverness, FL 34450.