CITRUS COUNTY Citrus Springs Advisory Council

Citrus Springs Community Center

1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Citrus Springs, FL  34434



1.              Call to Order

February 03, 2021 Citrus Springs Community Center

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM

a.              Invocation

b.              Pledge of Allegiance

Attendee Name




Joan Dias




Thomas Mize




Pamela Williamson




Louise Bono




Edwin Roberts





Larry Brock

Lisa Townsend

Kristine Sumner


d.              Introduction of Staff

2.              Open to the Public

Announcement of newly appointed council members Edwin Roberts and Louise Bono.

• Reappointment of vice chair position to be discussed at next meeting.

• Peter Monteleone was acknowledged as a founding member of the MSBU in the early 1990’s and his involvement in the Citrus Springs community.

• A citizen voiced concerns about uneven roadways, and sand in the road at intersections effecting the safety of cyclists.

• Mr. Brock advised the citizen to contact Road Maintenance Division to sweep the roadway sand from the intersections of concern.

3.              Approval of the Minutes

1.              Citrus Springs Advisory Council "Draft" minutes for January 6, 2021

Citrus Springs Advisory Council "Draft" Minutes for January 6, 2021

Minutes for the January 6, 2021 meeting were reviewed.

Joan Dias made motion to accept the Minutes as written.

Seconded by Pam Williamson.

Motion approved unanimously.

4.              Review of Financial Reports

1.              Citrus Springs Advisory Council Financials for 2-3-2021 Meeting

Citrus Springs Advisory Council-Financial Reports for February 3, 2021 Meeting.

Period Four 4/21 finance reports were reviewed.

Joan Dias made motion to accept the Financials as distributed.

Seconded by Pam Williamson.

Motion approved unanimously

5.              Reports from Point Persons

a.              Streetlights/Fire Hydrants - Tom Mize

Mr. Mize reported that the new streetlights at the intersection of Deltona and W. Citrus are working well.

• Two streetlights on W. Anson Pl. are not working.

• Last year $34,895 of MSBU funds was used to install 20 fire hydrants. There are plans to continue hydrant installations for the next year.

b.              Road Resurfacing - Glen Robertson

The BOCC will be considering the new resurfacing contract at their next meeting. Mr. Brock will provide updates on the progress once the contractors begin work.

• Mr. Robertson provided the historical data and progress reports on road resurfacing to Mr. Edwards.

c.              Beautification of Boulevards/Medians/Flowers-Jane Mazzacua

Next flower planting will be in March, before Easter, with pink and white begonias in a checkerboard pattern.

• Summer planting recommendations will be discussed at the next meeting.

• Mr. Brock recommended contacting Anna Miele regarding any questions about landscaping

d.              Grate Installation/Fountain-Joan Dias

Currently, workers are trying to find a match for the black slate tiles for monument repair.

• Last year, 39 drainage grates were completed.

• Nine specialty lids and grates have been received and more regular sizes are on order.

• Grate Installations are expected to begin this month

e.              Roadway Maintenance/Mowing-Pam Williamson

Contractor has been given notice to proceed with mowing.

• Trash has been left on the roadside by hauler trucks. Law enforcement would need to cite individuals when it occurs. Issues with specific haulers can be reported to the Solid Waste Division 352-527-7670.


A question was asked about universal trash collection. Mr. Brock gave a brief overview that the BOCC is looking at the potential of going to universal collection. There has been ongoing meetings with contract haulers of various companies to get their input on bids. Universal collection will be presented to the BOCC Board, and if authorized to proceed, it would be implemented in 2022


A discussion ensued about universal collection. There are citizen concerns about their service with private haulers. The County would have performance standards built into the contract with universal collection. Citizens may attend BOCC Board meetings and give feedback or write to their commissioner.

• Mrs. Dias requested a litter crew for roadside cleanup north of Citrus Springs on US 41 going southbound. Mr. Brock will contact the state contractor

6.              Old Business

7.              New Business

Reappointment of vice chair position to be discussed at the next meeting.

8.              General Discussion of Members

The member duties were discussed. Pam Williamson accepted the boulevard beautification responsibilities, Edwin Roberts the road resurfacing, Tom Mize the streetlights, Joan Dias the grate installation and fountain, and Louise Bono to handle the roadway maintenance and mowing.

• A member commented that in the area of N Circular Way and Cortlandt Drive four wheelers drive through throwing dirt into the street. Mr. Brock advised to contact Road Maintenance at 352-527-7610 for resolution.

• Members thanked Glen Robertson for his help on the Advisory Council and frequently attending BOCC meetings on the behalf of Citrus Springs.

9.              Public Input

Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Mazzacua have been invited to attend the BOCC Meeting on Tuesday February 9th to receive a Letter of Appreciation from the BOCC.

• A citizen asked about what determines the distance of fire hydrants and where they are placed. Water Resources determines the location based on where the waterline is and the size of the waterline.

• A volunteer will be needed to update announcements on the marquee sign.

The Next regular meeting will take place on March 3, 2021

10.              Next Meeting

11.              Adjournment